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Real Mech

When Exosapien Technologies contacted me and asked if I could design the vision for their mech- I couldn't believe it. Doing concept design work for a REAL mech was beyond my wildest dreams, let alone to pilot one. I am forever grateful to the fantastic team from Prosthesis: The Anti-Robot and Jonathan Tippett for making this happen! 
The goal was to design a vision for what a future Furrion Exo-Bionics mech could look like. After a talk with Jonathan, we came up with the direction and an idea for the design. It was important to create something that could be realistically built with a body kit and a paint job without losing the mech's mobility. 
The team provided me with the CAD model that I later used as a base to design in VR with Gravity Sketch and rendered in Blender Cycles.