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No to AI Generated images!

As someone who reinvented my workflow by learning new tools I can’t say I’m afraid or hate new tech. But there is a difference between using a Tool vs Tech designed to replace you. AI is not the same as Photoshop, Blender or VR app which is fine, all these tools are different and that’s totally fine. What I have issue with is how AI generated images tech is rotten to its core. It’s based on theft of copyrighted images of your family photos, faces and anything you posted online including other artist’s works without our consent.
Artstation used to be a hub where artists could connect and share their story, art journey and share knowledge. But by featuring AI images and products next to a human artists who spend hours and decades of training is very disrespectful and just a big f you to artists.
Artstation should have policy restricting this thing and stop featuring AI stuff.

I recommend checking out Steven Zapata’s video about it: